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Family Sessions

Areas of Specialty

•    Anxiety

•    Adjustment Disorder

•    Career changes/Exploration

•    Coping with Change

•    Depression

•    Grief & Loss

•    Healthy work/life balance

•    Relationship Issues (past or present)

•    Self-esteem and self-image

•    Self-growth

•    Stress Management

•    Spiritual exploration

Couples Coaching is a great way to strengthen and improve your relationship no matter where you are in your relationship. I work with dating couples and those contemplating taking things to the next level, engaged couples and married couples. Some couples schedule appointments because they are in serious need of something to change because their relationship is hanging on by a thread. Perhaps one partner, or the other, is contemplating divorce, or has been unfaithful. Yet, others come because they are interested in improving their relationship and want to learn skills to take their relationship from good to great. No matter what the situation, I’m ready to help. I’m trained in Prepare/Enrich, and use a variety of tools, techniques, assessments and approaches to help you evaluate and strengthen your relationship.




Are you certain the person you are seeing is “the one”? Want some assistance with that process? Have you been in your relationship for a while and wondering if this relationship is really a good idea or not? Consider coming in for some couple’s sessions to work with a trained professional and get a better idea of if this is a forever relationship, or if you and your partner would be better off as just friends.




You’ve got the ring, and said yes, but while you’re preparing for the wedding have you thought about the marriage? The wedding will last but a day, your marriage will last a lifetime. Would you like to learn skills to lay a strong foundation for a lifetime of love? Schedule premarital counseling before the big day and get valuable feedback and assessment results from a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator. Prepare/Enrich is one of the most reputable and widely recognized premarital programs around.




Marriage can be a test of patience and everything else! Are you tired of fighting the same old battles and not getting any closer to a solution? Have you lost the spark and romance that first brought you together? Maybe outside stressors are weighing you and your relationship down – the in sickness and health, through good times or bad, for better or worse scenarios are now looking a little more like your everyday life. If the stress of a difficult marriage led you to seek help, or if you could use more skills to help you communicate and deal with conflict more effectively, I’m ready to help. I use a variety of other resources and approaches as well, and would love to help you and your spouse repair, rebuild and reconnect in a new way.

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