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Group Sessions

The best way to heal relationally is in relationships with others. A group can be a powerful place to grow and heal, and can amplify the work done in individual or couples coaching. Not only do you get to learn from the group leader, but the other group participants can be a great source of support, bringing their own experiences and stories, and simultaneously allowing you to support them as well. The result? Real life practice engaging in healthy relationships with others, and the potential to grow your support network in a safe and therapeutic setting.


Groups are time limited (6-8 weeks) and can be focused on a number of topics. Group topics change from time to time based on current availability and scheduling. Contact me for current group offerings.

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Areas of Specialty

•    Anxiety

•    Adjustment Disorder

•    Career changes/Exploration

•    Coping with Change

•    Depression

•    Grief & Loss

•    Healthy work/life balance

•    Relationship Issues (past or present)

•    Self-esteem and self-image

•    Self-growth

•    Stress Management

•    Spiritual exploration

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