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Individual Sessions

Each person decides to use coaching as a resource for their own unique reasons. Some find heightened levels of stress when transitioning jobs, cities, relationships, or roles in life. They recognize that additional support during these times can help reduce and/or alleviate feelings of stress, overwhelm, depression or anxiety.


There are those who desire to connect authentically and fully to another but recognize patterns in their relationships with others that are getting in the way of their ability to have healthy connections. These may be related to things that occurred during childhood, challenges related to family members, or difficulties communicating or navigating conflict. Some people simply need assistance learning tools and skills to help them during times of when feeling down or anxious, and may have struggled with mental health issues for years or just a short time. Still others experienced deep wounds or traumatic events through their lives that are now making it hard to even function or carry on in everyday life.


Lastly, some people generally just want to learn more about themselves and their behaviors, or who may be on a journey of spiritual discovery in life. These individuals may be seeking a place to gain insight and general self-growth, without a specific problem or concern.


I am here to help. The reality is there may be instances to which I think you’d be better served by another professional and I will provide you with referrals of other providers who might be even more specialized in the area you are struggling. I encourage those interested in starting therapy to participate in a brief phone consultation, where I can get a better idea of what is going on and we can together come up with a plan that will work best for you. When you’re ready to schedule that consultation, Let’s Talk!

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Areas of Specialty

•    Anxiety

•    Adjustment Disorder

•    Career changes/Exploration

•    Coping with Change

•    Depression

•    Grief & Loss

•    Healthy work/life balance

•    Relationship Issues (past or present)

•    Self-esteem and self-image

•    Self-growth

•    Stress Management

•    Spiritual exploration

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